Because EMOTION is complicated enough

Emotions are contagious. Feelings spread between people like a virus, even if we’re not paying attention to emotions. Whether we’re in a group or with one other person, we can “catch” both positive and negative emotions. The evolutionary basis of this is simple: humans have only survived and thrived in groups. We are social creatures. And because of that, we have a tendency to pick up on each other’s emotional states. We all have our own opinions and preconceptions about when and how people should show their emotions. We have beliefs, for example, about how much men “should” show feelings, what circumstances “should” warrant panic, or how much emotion workers “should” show in the workplace. One thing that makes a great photo is its ability to convey emotion. Emotion in a photograph, or any work of art, is what helps a viewer connect with a piece if that emotion is prevalent in the viewer. Happiness and joy, sorrow and despair, these are some of the easier emotions as they are universally felt, at one time or another, by all on this planet.

From all the participating artists, the gallery will choose the best artist. The best photo will be exhibit on the home page of the gallery, on the exhibition poster and on the cover of the album of the MY EMOTION exhibition.  All the selected works will be exhibit online and published in MY EMOTION album. The best photographer will be nominate as gallery ARTIST,  will receive the exhibition album and paper diploma. All the accepted photographers will receive online diplomas.


 - deadline 31.03.2021; online exhibition  with selected works starting with 15.04.2021

 - by submitting  you are agree with our rules and privite policy

 - send  5 photos to or

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  • Max 5 files.

  • Digital file should not exceed 2 MB.

  • No Watermarks.

  • Saved as JPEG or JPG, resolution of 72 dpi.

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Photo - Alexander Sviridov, Canada

entry fee 10 euro

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