Exhibitions posters

 Over the last century, posters have served both as utilitarian communication and as design discourse. Today, posters still appear on city streets, but they are no longer a dominant form of mass communication. As posters circulate through both print and social media, they continue to be a crucial medium for inventing and sharing new visual languages. We use the medium of the poster to explore principles of visual thinking that extend to many forms of design, including branding,  book covers,  and motion graphics. More Art Please  gallery shows the ways  of designers  have used the principles of composition, perception, and storytelling to convey ideas and solicit sensations. Graphic designers use form, color, image, and language to seek out simplicity and complexity, flatness and depth, singular moments and stories that unfold. Some designers strive for maximum clarity, while others challenge the viewer to uncover a hidden message. Our gallery  works with some of the best graphic designers to think and compose the posters of  our  exhibitions. 

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